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We've listed some FAQ's below. If you have other queries, please dont hesitate to contact us. We love to hear from you.

1. What weight can they carry? 
Recommended weight is up to 120 kg. 

2. What speed can they get up to? 
200cc- 40-50kmph 

3. What are dimensions of Drift go karts? 

Assembled dimensions are; 970mm wide x 1700mm long x 132 high. Tyres are 300mm high x 120mm wide. 
Packing size( box) dimensions 1080mm x 980mm x 520mm

4. What age are they suitable for? .
Ideal age is probably 8 years and over. Depends on individual ability, also they can be easily governed for younger children. 

5. What terrain are they suitable for? 
Ideal for flat paddocks, fields, orchards, reserves, large sections and even driveways. 
They are not suitable for very rough terrain or for doing jumps 

6.How heavy are they?  
Our caged go karts are 80kg.

7. Do they have a speed restricter? 

Yes, they can be governed by a simple screw adjustment. This should be a temporary adjustment only as prolonged restriction can damage the clutch spring and foul up the spark plug.

8. Do the go karts come assembled? 

The go karts in the box are basically in three pre assembled parts. Final assembly involves putting these together, running the cables to brake, throttle, and kill switch/stop button, and attaching seat and seatbelt. Roll caged to be assembled last.

9. Are the karts easy to roll? 
No, As they are low to the ground, they are very stable. However, it is strongly recommended that helmets are worn.